Unlocking Global Real Estate: Inaugural International MLS Forum in Paris 2023”

International MLS forum

The CEPI Secretariat is thrilled to announce its international conference on MLS systems in Europe, in collaboration with the International Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) and our trusted digital partner, Realtyna

International MLS Forum is set to host esteemed leaders from real estate associations and experts in real estate technology across the European Union, Middle East, Asia, and North America. This exclusive event promises to bring together influential figures and decision-makers within the industry.

History of MLS

International Conference on MLS Systems 2023

The International MLS forum is a significant event focusing on the global real estate ecosystem. It will delve into the importance of international collaboration for multiple listing services (MLSs) worldwide. The event emphasizes the value of open standards in the real estate sector and uses historical lessons to inform MLSs' future developments.

The event was hosted in the city of Paris, France, offering a prestigious and conducive setting for industry leaders to convene and exchange valuable insights. The International MLS Forum spans two days, providing ample time for in-depth discussions, networking opportunities, and the exploration of key industry topics. 

Global Momentum: Bridging Borders in Real Estate, Inaugural International MLS Forum in Paris 2023

The primary objective of this meeting is to address the imperative need for global cooperation in the real estate industry. The event, which attracts people from many regions, aims to promote mutual understanding and collaboration. The focus on open standards underscores the role they play in driving innovation and efficiency within the industry. Furthermore, by analyzing historical lessons, the conference will mold MLSs into forward-thinking organizations, ensuring a robust and thriving future for the global real estate ecosystem.

pictures from the conference
pictures from the conference

Global real estate leaders are pushing to bring the U.S. model of standardization and collaboration to more real estate markets around the world. In the last decade, data standards and technology have transformed the way real estate is bought and sold in the U.S. Now industry leaders from various countries want to adopt key aspects of this model to enhance the transparency and efficiency of their real estate sectors. The effort demonstrates the high regard U.S. real estate enjoys as it continues to adapt to a changing business and legal environment.

As an initial step, real estate leaders gathered in Paris for the inaugural meetings of the International MLS Forum. The conference brought real estate decision-makers from around the world to foster collaboration and promote solutions for a more efficient global real estate ecosystem.

Organized by the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) and the European Association of Real Estate Professions (CEPI), the meetings took place on December 1 and 2, 2023 at the Pullman Conference Center in Montparnasse, Paris.

“Real estate is changing forever,”

Said Ali Attar, CEO of Realtyna, a conference partner. “We have an opportunity to empower real estate associations around the world with the technology and standards they need to unlock investment and growth.”

pictures from the conference

A World Without the MLS?

We cannot image a world without an efficiently developed MLS system. In countries where there is no centralized MLS system and limited transparency in real estate transactions, buyers and sellers face unique challenges.

·         Listings are often dispersed across various platforms and agencies, requiring buyers to invest significant effort in locating accurate and timely for-sale listings.

·         It can also be difficult for buyers and sellers to find reliable information about recent sales and the company is necessary to understand the state of the market and make informed pricing and offer decisions.

·         Real estate clients typically rely more heavily on informal networks and insider knowledge which bring added complexity to transactions.

“Without the MLS, it’s a mess,” said Attar. “Most property for sale is not easily discovered by consumers, investors have their closed markets, and ‘pocket listings’ are the rule and not the exception.”

International MLS forum wants to change that by being the place where stakeholders around the world can share ideas, build synergy, and drive real estate innovation around open standards.

The Future of the MLS

The International MLS Forum is significant because it comes at a time when many in the business are anticipating the MLS's future. The MLS, which began as informal gatherings between brokers to share listings, is now a key component of the plumbing that allows the real estate business to operate more transparently and efficiently.

As real estate in North America continues to evolve, adapt, and innovate, global leaders want to learn from the model and adopt more of it abroad with the International MLS Forum providing the first-ever venue for worldwide collaboration on real estate data and standards.

As the legal landscape changes, there's a curiosity about what the next generation of the MLS will look like.

The International MLS Forum is one of the first venues to help shape this future. With representation from around the world, real estate leaders will evaluate the strengths of the MLS, draw lessons from its past, and chart a future with a forward-looking approach.

While the MLS is vital to a real estate agent’s toolkit, it isn’t the only real estate listing platform available. Whether you are a licensed real estate professional or not, it’s wise to use the reach of each available platform to your advantage, which will often mean using them in combination for maximum reach.

pictures from the conference

Key takeaways:

The main takeaways from this forum can be concluded in the following points:

·         Seeking for collaboration between governments, institutions, and MLSs to gain real-time insights into the housing market and promote transparency and consumer protection.

·         Discussing the rules and regulatory frameworks that shape robust real estate data ecosystems.

·         Exploring the latest products and trends driving agent and broker businesses to new heights and delivering exceptional results for clients.

·         Discussions of data standardization and accelerating innovation in real estate for the benefit of agents and clients.

In conclusion, the event involved discussion about the future of multiple listing services (MLS), discussions on global real estate trends, the importance of international collaboration, advancements in real estate technology, and strategies to enhance transparency and efficiency in the industry. There was also discussion on the adoption of open standards, the role of technology in real estate transactions, and the exchange of ideas among real estate leaders from different regions.

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